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Skinny Body Wrap Reviews

New Idea

This is a great product and a new innovative idea that works by wrapping you up in a layer of gel and wrap that help to reduce your waist line. I love how it makes me feel and it's not too uncomfortable to wear it for an hour or so. I removed it and felt firmer and tighter and will try it again in the near future.

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Absolutely Love it

I was looking for a great way to firm up various parts of my body when I found this wrap. After using it, I was amazed, When I measured after I had used it my measurements were significantly less. What a great product. I'll use this again to help firm up the various areas of my body that require firming. I love it.

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Lost 1.5 inches fast

I wanted to lose a few inches so I measured my body and then put this on for an hour. After I took it off I had indeed lost about 1.5 inches. The bottom line is, this works well but you must repeat it daily for at least 2 weeks in order to see huge results. As a daily routine I wouldn't go this route but if you are trying to lose those inches in a hurry you could do it daily for a week or so prior to an important event such as a reunion or wedding. It works,...

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Great Product

This is a great product that should be in every woman's bathroom spa kit. It's reasonably priced, works well and it's fun to use. It gives some "Me" time to every woman and it only takes 45 minutes although it can be left on overnight or longer if desired. It's easy to use and helps to reduce water retention and weight gain.

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You'll Love It

I'd always wanted to try a body wrap and found this one online. I tried it and in 45 minutes I saw results. What more could I ask for? I'm telling all of my friends about it and look forward to doing this again in the near future. It's an amazing product.

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