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Detox Body Wrap Reviews

Lost 3 Inches - Incredible

Okay, I know that it says to leave it on for an hour, but I fell asleep in ithis and slept for 8 hours. When I woke up I removed it and measured my belly again (I had measured before I put it on). I had lost 3 inches overnight. Today, 3 weeks later, I still don't have that 3 inches and I am using it weekly so I am losing even more. What a great way to jump start my weight loss program. This is a great wrap and I think every woman who is trying to lose weight...

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This is a superb product that has it all. A great clay that smells wonderful, a wrap and everything you need to do this 8 times total. It feels amazing, it will work your upper arms, your hips, your torso and abs and your thighs. Its everything you need.

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Simple and Works Well

This wrap really works and if you're trying to lose some inches and firm up some trouble areas of your body this works really well. You'll have softer and firmer skin and you won't be sorry.

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Fast Shipping - Good Product

I ordered this Friday morning and it was here on Monday mid day. That's quick shipping. It works just as described and I can finally feel good about my body again. I started it the day I got it and have used it twice a week since it arrived. I love this product and since it arrives so quick I never have to worry that I'll run out, I just order a new one when I use the last one from the package. Great product.

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Improved Skin Tone a lot

I was seeking something that would make my skin improve in tone. This fit the bill and was easy to use. My skin is now tighter and firmer and much more toned. It's super easy to use and I didn't need any help to get it on or off. Although it wasn't as neat and tidy as I had hoped it wasn't too terribly messy and I was able to focus on my more challenging areas of my body.

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