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3in1 Facial Kit Reviews


March 23, 2016
Let's face it, few of us can afford expensive facials on a frequent basis. I love this product. It's reasonably priced and affordable. I can relax and know that I'm taking good care of my skin without a huge price tag. It cleared up my blackheads and acne and I feel like my skin is in great condition now. I love this product.

Fits my daily routine perfectly.

March 14, 2016
The Brazilian Belle Skin Care Kit fits my daily routine perfectly. I can use the face wash and exfoliate in the shower. I add the mud mask as I'm getting out and then gently rinse it off when it's ready. My skin feels silky soft and smooth. I've tried a lot of skin care products but this kit has it all and it's so gentle that I can use it daily. It's perfect and my friends and I now have monthly spa days where we use it.

Clean Feelings

March 09, 2016
Before I began using this product I had terrible acne. Within a few short uses of this product my acne began to clear up and my skin is looking better every day. I love the clay mask and leave it on for about 20 minutes. My skin is clearer and softer now that I'm using this and I haven't had any more breakouts. I'm really satisfied with this product and recommend it to everyone.

Luxury At Home

March 09, 2016
If you're looking for an at home spa luxury, this is it. Everything your skin needs in one easy to use kit. You'll start with the face wash and gently wash your face. Add the exfoliator in and allow those dead skin cells to slough off. Finish this off with the mud mask and you're sure to feel silky smooth skin that leaves you glowing. Gentle enough to use daily.

Great Product!!!!

March 08, 2016
I love this product. As an all natural product I was skeptical but this works great and it's fun to pamper yourself at home. After I washed my face it was soft and smooth. It wasn't oily or flakey. I used the exfoliator to get rid of the dry skin and flakes and then the mud to draw out the oils and blackheads. What a great product. I feel like my face has never been cleaner.

Amazing Spa Kit

March 04, 2016
I was in a hurry for an event and wanted to have a spa day. I ordered this kit and it arrived quickly to my front door. It had an easy to follow three step regimen that I loved. It took less than an hour and I had enjoyed my relaxing spa day. The mask set for about fifteen minutes and when I removed it my skin was smooth as silk. I use it often now and my skin looks more healthy than ever before.

Love My New Routine

March 03, 2016
I was desperate for an easy skin care routine. This product fit the bill perfectly. It smells wonderful and is very soothing. Excellent for helping acne prone skin and preventing further breakouts
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